Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

Moving Parts: A Memoir is a nonfiction work in the autobiographical, motivational, and memoir subgenres. Written by author Jason Hill, the work conveys the author’s life as he authentically speaks on the black male experience in today’s world. From his shy beginnings in Chicago, we follow Hill on a journey of growth where so many temptations, barriers, and injustices stand in his path. Overcoming issues like peer pressure and bullying, incarceration and the prison experience, family issues, and life on the streets, this is a tale that speaks of the fortitude of the human spirit when you have a vision you want to follow. As Hill strives to make his mark, what unfolds is a truly remarkable life story.

Author Jason Hill is sure to captivate readers with an authentic and engrossing narrative style from start to finish. From the opening chapters, it’s clear that this is a no-holds-barred look at life and one which is never afraid to shy away from the darker and more damaging aspects of this world, especially where childhood and coming of age are concerned. I truly appreciated Hill’s honesty and emotional availability, which I think will be relevant to others who have shared parts of his experience, and undoubtedly provides an eye-opener for those lucky enough to have no understanding of such struggles. Overall, I would highly recommend Moving Parts to readers who enjoy inspirational true-life stories, impactful memoir writing with all its sharp edges intact, and for anyone seeking hope that determination and sheer grit can and does pay off in the end.